Deputy Sheriffs of Missouri
DSM - Deputy Sheriffs of Missouri
Mission Statement - The mission of the Deputy Sheriffs of Missouri is to advance the interests,
training, community awareness and involvement of Missouri Deputies, and any other person employed
by a Sheriffs Office; including other corrections and civilian staff .

Dear Deputies and the Law Enforcement Community,

The Missouri Deputy Sheriffs Association has dissolved.  We are sad to see such a great
organization gone after many years of loyal service to the deputies of this state, past and
present.  The Deputy Sheriffs of Missouri (DSM) was organized to help advance the
interests, training , community awareness and involvement of Missouri Deputy Sheriffs,
and others employed by a Sheriffs Office.

In recognition of your dedication to Missouri Law Enforcement ;
 Deputy Sheriffs of
Missouri will honor current MDSA memberships
until their expiration date (including life
members). Beginning this year we will add six regional trainings a year to help meet the
continuing education needs of our members. The trainings will cover an array of topics to
ensure that the deputies of this great state will be trained to the highest level, allowing for
them to complete their job with the best knowledge and skills possible.

We will be unveiling new programs that benefit the deputies throughout the state as we
continue to grow.  We have future plans for a financial relief program for families who lose
a member deputy in the line of duty, this payments will come straight from the
organization, no insurance forms to find, fill out and wait. Additionally at a later date it will
be expanded to include a relief benefit for deputies that are injured or facing critical

The Deputies of this state deserve a thriving organization that will cater to their needs and
concerns. We want to be that organization for the deputies. Being a deputy is an
honorable profession that requires a lot of time and devotion to the local communities
you represent.  We want to make sure you have the best training available to help keep
your local communities safe and secure.  Please contact us if you have any questions
about the Deputy Sheriffs of Missouri.

Lou Collobert
President; Deputy Sheriffs of Missouri
2015 Training Conference
Will be July 20-22, 2015
Truman Hotel - Jefferson City MO
Click Here for Registration Information